Dynasty Electric Releases “Euphoria”

By Cheyenne Burroughs
Dec 5th, 2013

Euphoria available on Itunes!


I had the pleasure of interviewing Jenny and Seth of Dynasty Electric just last year and they only continue to roll in with more kickass material!

Dynasty Electric’s new album Euphoria is a brilliant collection of music created through global collaboration. With a luminous sound that lifts you to outer space, their masterpieces are electroshock therapy for the soul. While their rhythm has the proclivity to make one’s body dive into movement, there are beautiful underlying themes behind their captivating sound.

Euphoria is defined as “a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness,” and this album is meant to remind us that both our lives, and our existence, are meant to be a thrilling, intense, euphoric experience!

Dynasty forces us to consider that living by cultural standards is not always compliant with our vocation. As the lyrics suggest in “RockitShip,” perhaps one ought to “escape the rat race” in order to observe the world from a larger perspective. Dynasty Electric wants to remind us that it’s perfectly ALL RIGHT to be yourself and that it’s worth taking the time in order to get to know Yourself. When we hear in “Electify Your Mind,” “There’s nothing I can give you when the world is yours to find” they are suggesting that we reclaim our roles as nomads in this world and that the magic that we find in life is the magic we’ve chosen, and were willing, to discover.

And since no personal revolution is complete without the willingness to share one’s existential findings with others, Jenny and Seth are sure to remind us of the words of Margaret Fuller in which she said, “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” This album and the songs within it are all gentle reminders of our own consciousness. When Jenny asks in “Floating Around The Sun”, “Don’t you think it’s time we leave the light on, we’ve been running in the dark for so long,” she is implying, just as Margaret Fuller did, that by enlightening ourselves, we can aid in the enlightenment of those around us.

Dynasty’s overall message of the celebration of freedom is even reflected by the process through which this album was conceived. By being generous and trusting with their music in the collaboration process with different producers from all over the world, they encourage us to do the same: To stay open and receptive to a world of cosmic proportion.


Euphoria available on Itunes!


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