The Spirit That Was Never Seen!

By Cheyenne Burroughs
In Social
Mar 15th, 2014


Have you ever invited someone to a gathering or an event of some sort and their response was “I’ll be there in Spirit!”

I’ll be in there in.. Spirit?

What the hell does that mean.

Yes, we are in fact spiritual beings but unless you plan to teleport half of yourself to my next event, I don’t exactly see how that’s possible. If your spirit lies in your physical body then how you can be there in spirit if you can’t be there.. Physically.

Unless you’re dead. Then by all means, be there “in spirit.”

Or unless you’re having an out of body experience on your latest hallucinogenic journey. They by all means, stop by! There’s plenty of food and wine to go around!

You’ll be there in Spirit?

No, you won’t. You’re either there or you’re not. And I doubt you can be in spirit at two places at once when you’re preoccupied at work or your monthly tupperware party. Won’t the other tasks at hand require your “spirit” to be present if they are be fulfilled? Or at least fulfilled decently?

You don’t want to stand up your spirit now do you? God, they’d be so pissed.

“Where the hell did she go? My body is a useless drone without her!”

I’ll be there in.. Spirit?

The RSVP says “Yes” or “No,” so please, there’s no need to elaborate on how you plan to be or not be there. I’m asking if you’re capable of wearing your human costume to my event, not if you’re planning to attend as Casper.

Whatever happened to the good old fashioned “I’m terribly sorry that I cannot attend but I am wishing you well!”

Where hath the simplicity gone!

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