Feb 12th, 2014


@ The Karmic Press we are dreamers.


But more so than dreamers, we are a community of people whose faith in humanity remains very well in tact. While we all have visions of how we’d like the world to be, it must be realized that the only change we have control over is the revolution that must occur WITHIN. The reality is that our individual selves compose Society and that if Society is expected to change then that means WE are expected to change.

The path of self discovery and personal progress can, at times, be a lonely one and while it is inevitable that such a path must be walked in solitude, we understand that much comfort can found in knowing that the journey is shared among many others. In this human life we seek to serve as yet another window that will offer knowledge, inspiration, perspective, and encouragement.

We wish you luck on your journey and we hope to remind you that you are never alone.

The Universe is within us all.