My Best Friend Dumped Me

By Cheyenne Burroughs
Nov 30th, 2015

Life is difficult as it is but I never thought I’d have to live it without my bestie. But guess what? I had to and even better, I did 🙂 Fuck em!

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  1. Aj says:

    I’m in Thailand so in the afternoon here. I’m probably one of only a few of your online ppl who just saw your video. Let me say, you did not get dumped by your bestfriend. It just came to your attention that someone you have known a long time was just someone you hung out with for a long time, nothing more. Longevity never creates a bestfriend. I know first hand as well. She taught you an important lesson that you will take with you for years to come. So if you see her again, thank her.

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