Do You Want to Die?

By Cheyenne Burroughs
Feb 16th, 2014


I was cruising through my town, population of 40,000, and perhaps my need for speed is a little extreme, but regardless, when one is crossing the street that is frequented by machines that weigh a ton and can easily crush you under its weight, I’d assume people would be a little more diligent.

As I’m cruising, this man almost steps in my way, until he reminds himself to look, or perhaps listen, at the last minute. I was alert and aware. I was ready to smoothly avoid any potential collision. But he didn’t seem nearly as prepared. He quickly stopped himself and brought his feet back to the sidewalk.

I don’t understand how people do not take caution when they cross the street. God knows if you were taking a day trip in the savanna, you’d keep a very keen eye as to what creatures may be lurking. Your eyes rolling from left to right, with your ears tuned. People seem to have allowed themselves to become lulled by this society. No need to hunt for our own food, even the news of the world is spoon fed to us, regardless of the lies and bias it’s often laced with. It’s no wonder that at times we can’t seem to do things for ourselves; We’ve grown comfortable in a world that has made it so easy for us.

I could be compassionate.

I could be understanding.

We should all strive to be those things.

But this is not about forgiveness, understanding, or the benefit of the doubt. This is about survival. When it comes to our survival it’s unlikely someone will always be looking out for your best interest. Even a mother eagle pushes its child out of the nest when it feels it’s ready to fly. How quickly it tries to make sense of the wings attached to its body will determine how likely it will survive its first jolt. I consider this a scenario of survival of the fittest. And I don’t think that’s cruel, it’s just realistic. We must look out for ourselves because what may be in your best interest isn’t what another may consider their priority, or even their obligation. Awareness can save you: It can provide insight into your external or internal temperature. But lack of awareness can cost you your sanity, or in certain circumstances, like the one explained above, it can cost you your life. Desensitization can lead to your extinction. Don’t let your intuition or your senses wither.

That is, unless You want to.

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