Why Should I Be Positive?

By Samantha Lehman
Jul 14th, 2014


Why should you be positive? Why indeed.  Well, does it sound attractive to spend the rest of your life in a state of negativity – followed by a black cloud of self-doubt, anxiety and anger?  No?  Then please, read on.

Day in and day out we are all constantly bombarded by the expectation to be positive, to smile and to be happy.  But positivity isn’t necessarily affiliated with happiness.  Positivity is focused more on a feeling of hope or belief rather than the temporary high brought on by joy.

Positivity is a style of thought, a lifestyle, not a passing fancy.  Surprisingly, it’s a tough way to live – it requires constantly exercising your free will and choosing each day to be positive.  Life is all about choices – those choices define who you are, whom you meet, how you come across to others and how your future will turn out.

So, how do you adopt a positive attitude?  It’s simple – choose it.  There is no magic ten-step program that will make you more positive or improve your life; it’s all about you and what influences you allow into your life.  You control your life and that control gives you the power to make the sun shine even when the sky is grey.  I cannot tell you what changes to make because only you are in touch with your inner self, only you will know what you truly want from life.

I once heard the phrase, “A cynic is what an idealist calls a realist,” and for me those words ring true.  Personally, I am somewhat of a cynic but I have seen the fruit that positivity has borne in my own life.  If you are staunchly against positivity, if you are skeptical of its benefits  – I challenge you.  Be positive, for one day, one week, one month; whatever, you choose but actively add it into your life.  Sense the difference for yourself.  Only if you reject something like this without trying it can you be called a stick in the mud.

As previously established, maintaining a positive outlook can be tough.  There will most certainly be days when you just want to curl into yourself and exude a prickly, do not talk to me aura.  That’s completely valid, your actions are justified – again, positivity is not about eternal happiness but hope.

Being negative becomes a problem when you PROJECT your emotions onto the people around you.  Imagine if your boss chose to reject every idea you and your team put forward for something because he or she has chosen to believe that the project is already a failure, even before it has taken shape.  That kind of attitude brings down the morale of the entire group just like complaining about a task will make it seem worse than it is in actuality.

How you act substantially impacts the people around you as well as the quality of your own life; Why not make a positive difference when you’re given the opportunity?  Take the road less traveled – the journey will be more beautiful and worthwhile.  Choose positivity.

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