How to Build a Supportive Relationship

By Laura Caldera
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Jun 27th, 2014

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Relationships vary. At times it can be difficult to distinguish what exactly a relationship needs in order to be healthy and balanced. So what can a person do to build a supportive relationship that fosters self-acceptance and self-love? How can one behave in order to achieve that health and balance that everyone should feel when they are in a relationship?

Building a relationship like that can take time but it also takes effort from both sides. If you want to build a relationship that supports each party and fosters self-acceptance and confidence, take a look at the suggestions below and keep in mind that love is something that should be cultivated from the heart and soul.

1. Compromise

When you are having a conflict of any sort then try to compromise on it. Compromise encourages the expression of both desires with the intention of meeting in the middle. If you are going on a date, don’t just let the other person choose the time, place, and location for you unless it has been predetermined that it was okay. For example, if you were going to the movies, try and see who will pay. If you pay for each ticket separately, together, or for one another, it should be discussed prior to arriving at the compromised time. Compromising will let the other person state their opinion and you, yours, so that you can come to one point. Two lines have to meet unless they are parallel. Don’t be a parallel line. Compromise will benefit the both of you and not let either one of you feel left out.

2.  Talk Everything Through

Despite how many times you’ve heard this it should never leave your mind. When a problem arises and it seems like there is no hope, or no compromise to resolving said problem, then try to sit down and talk about it. Talk about how you felt when the other person reacted in such a way and if you felt your anger was justifiable. Don’t ever go to sleep with an argument hanging over your head because it can really affect both sides and cause more pain than necessary. When you work it out you can learn something about your partner and about yourself. Not just that, it gives you and your partner the confidence to work out problems with a clearer mind. As time passes and you continue to communicate to each other, and learn more about each other, you will be able to find healthier ways of resolving issues despite your individual differences.

3. Be Thankful TO and FOR Your Partner

This one I had to learn a little later in my own current relationship. I wasn’t saying things like “thank you” whenever my boyfriend opened a door for me anymore because I’ve come to expect it. When I read “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrnes, I realized that I should have given that more thought. This isn’t only relevant to nice gestures but also for everything else. I ended up writing a list of things as to why I was grateful for my boyfriend (and other family and friends) and I read it to him out loud. He was really happy and it helped improve both his self-esteem and our relationship as a whole. Don’t be shy and even ask your other half to try the same. Don’t ever hesitate to show your gratitude.

4. Tell Them Why You Love Them

I don’t mean every day of the week, or every hour. I mean on days where it just feels right or on days they are under the weather. On days when my boyfriend feels like he can’t do anything right and that he is a failure, I tell he isn’t because he is not. He also does the same for me on days where I feel like the lowest person. You have to encourage your partner to believe that they are not unworthy of the love you share. You are dating this person because you saw something in them that you never saw in someone else. They put you in a higher place where you could breathe, laugh, cry and dance without a care. Remember that you also did the same for them. Remind them what they mean to you.

We don’t always find the relationships that we envision when we are looking for someone to love in this world, but we must keep in mind that relationships require an equal amount of effort from each partner involved. With the desire to learn more about one another and love each other better, our relationships can significantly improve.

Let us know what your favorite suggestion is in the comments below and if any of these have worked for you in the past or present. Also feel free to post your own suggestions if there’s something we didn’t mention!

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