Raw Beauty

By Alila Ananda Grace
Jan 10th, 2014


Remaining secure in an insecure world can be quite a challenge. For centuries women have been made to feel like ugly ducklings if their bodies were a different shape, color or texture from the societal norm and trend. Growing up in a world bombarded by subliminal messages prepares us for a lifetime of battle, rather than loving and seeing how sacred and beautiful we truly are. Beauty is not a physical feature; it is a commitment to our own health and well-being. Beauty is a belief, a knowingness. Beauty comes in ALL shapes and sizes.

There are evolutionary reasons why bodies are exactly the way they are. Looking back at our ancestral lineage we can trace our body’s genetic descendants. Our genes have adapted over the centuries to various climates and environments; extremely dry heat to bone chilling cold. Bodies have adjusted to the flow of the water and the grounding nature of the mountains; tall and thin verses short and sturdy. There are an unlimited scope of shapes and sizes. Our bodies are an identical blueprint of Mother Earth. We share the exact same land to water ratio as well as our blood and her blood (the sea) have the same pH balance. How many variations of landscape span across the globe?!

How much surplus energy would we have for creative expression if we spent less time worrying about our physical appearance? The constant obsession over this curve and that diet zaps our energy, dims our creative fire, and is actually more ‘fattening’ than the foods we indulge in. All this time trying to be something we are not creates a mask of shame and insecurity that keeps us hidden and unsure of the brilliant diamond that we really are. Our body is our birthright and the vessel that we are gifted with to carry us through this life.

We are not going to meet who we want, rather we will continue to attract who we are, now. It is our internal outlook on life that our external world views, like a movie, acted out by subtle energies that most are unaware of. If you embody beauty, grace and sensuality, others will pick up on this and mirror it back to you.

Of course the opposite is also true.

Spending countless time and energy attempting to change who we are is equivalent to walking up to a wall and saying, “Hey you, stupid wall, you should be a tree, then you could offer me some shade. What good are you, wall?” Rather than loving the wall for its strengths of stability and foundation, we may spend our one, precious life agonizing over something we are not. Looking for greener grass is not a solution. We must water and nourish the grass that waits beneath our own two feet.

If we are not free and content in our body temple, then how are we to be free within the world? It is not the world that has to change for us to be comfortable, but rather it is we that need a shift in perspective. There are always going to be the insecure, the followers, and conformers. It is now up to us to embrace and embody our wholeness: To remember who we are and to step into our true power. If we are distracted by physical appearance and material gain all the time we are no help to our Self or to this world. This is the moment to wipe the dust from our eyes in order to see clear. We are a perfectly divine reflection of all creation. There is no more needing to be, to see or to find.

We have arrived. Welcome home.

See Beauty in All or see beauty in none.

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